A New Home Away from Bruce

I love my fiancee Jenny more than life itself. She is my rock, foundation and support system. I can always depend on her in my time of need. We have a great relationship, but a problem used to interfere with that. The problem was her ex-boyfriend Bruce. He was a total jerk. He mistreated Jenny and broke her heart. She decided to leave Bruce. Two moths later, she met me. We started to date, but Bruce was still obsessed with Jenny. He followed us everywhere. We looked for apartments in North Charleston SC to get away from him. I was tired of him stalking my fiancee.

Jenny and Bruce’s relationship began during her college years. They had a good relationship, but things started to change. Bruce stole money from Jenny’s purse on numerous occasions. He used to money on other women. He was not faithful to Jenny. Bruce was far from the perfect boyfriend. Read More »

Having a Nice Clean Place to Live is Fundamental

Where you live should be like a sanctuary or retreat. It should be a place you can go to in order to get away from crazy work stuff as well as crazy relative stuff. Just make sure your boss and relatives who live nearby don’t have a key! Seriously though, your home should be the one place that is a joy to return to. It doesn’t have to be fancy or have a bunch of cool things, but it can help. This is why my wife and I picked the Regency apartments to move to. They do have some really cool stuff there, and the apartments themselves are really nice.

Some of you can appreciate what I am about to write. A few years ago when we first got married and were getting our first apartment, my wife and I almost settled for an old stinky place that had walls in the kitchen that actually had an oily feel to them. Someone really liked fried foods, and the whole place smelled like old onion rings and just a touch of BO. We thought we could clean the place up. Read More »